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the word feels jagged, bloody, and icy cold.
just like you and me, our hearts, and our promises.

he steps towards the door and turns around to look at him. he stares with an unwavering glance, and as he turns to leave the room, he scoffs.
"what did you expect from me? commitment to you?"
the door slams behind him with a silent shatter.
the fractured piece of wood tensed as it felt the weight of two bodies on either side of it.
he tells himself that he got what he wanted and it'll be okay. he wanted him and he got him. he just didn't want him anymore, so he left. he never was in love, anyway. but he misses the touches, the laughs, the warm, tingling feelings, and unknowingly, he's shattered beyond repair.
he tells himself that life will continue, but the tears won't stop, and he's already gone. and now all he can do is to wish that he could be invincible and just fade away.
the next day is a blur of colour
:iconelectrickiss:electrickiss 30 32
Park of Dreams Reloaded
Park Of Dreams
While walking through a park today,
I tripped upon a rock of gray,
then struck my head upon that stone
where I blacked out there all alone.
A dream soon took me to a place,
a crisp clear vision of your face,
your blue eyes shined their loving glow,
your golden hair was let to flow
upon bare shoulders naturally,
as it cascaded down on me.
You placed a soft hand to my face,
which caused my heart to pound and race.
You brought your breath so close to mine,
then whispered only one small line.
You said... "I Love You... yes I do,
I'll always be here just for you".
That forced my dreaming eyes to tear,
for suddenly I had no fear.
No fear of ever losing you,
the one I've searched for my life through.
The one so lovely, warm, and kind,
the one I thought I'd never find.
I tried to force my lips to move,
to say the words so I could prove,
that all held feelings deep inside,
are feelings that I cannot hide.
But words don't come so easily,
while deep within a dream you see,
:iconvulsh0ok:Vulsh0ok 29 53
Life is ALWAYS Acoustic.
the bugs tucked me in,
their tiny bodies hugging mine.
lawn mowed and ego trimmed,
i lavished the grass.
wined and dined by the stars,
it was a greensward.
because essentially life is a duet,
sung by yourself.
but oh, that slow voice of yours,
could turn my marrow to snow.
my lashes to doors.
:iconpapercut-eyes:papercut-eyes 3 6
Lovely knees, scraped elbows
she wishes she has lovely knees, instead she has a lovely
way to see the world. she doesn't believe in umbrellas, only
the stars in the midnight sky and the raindrops running down
her neck, arms, legs, spine.
she knows things that most will find useless: there are more
stars in outer space than there are grains of sand on earth. dogs
have over three hundred facial expressions, mostly made with
their ears. the average person will spend two weeks waiting
for the traffic lights to change in their lifetime.
she wonders: what if stars are just dead pixels in the sky? what
if they are specks with worlds living in them? that would mean
that we are just a speck to someone who thinks they are alone
in the universe.
she does not get along with logic. logic is not wisdom, creativity
is. she wakes up in the middle of the night and scribbles her
thoughts on post it notes: through the forest, down to your bones.
the air sleeps under people's beds. when we get there, we'll
be lost again: send me a po
:iconvampire-zombie:vampire-zombie 658 103
Happiness Is Fake
Every smile you give pains my heart
For I can't stand seeing you happy.
Every tear I shed makes me smile
For I can't stand seeing myself happy.
:iconluckylisa:luckylisa 120 41
one through ten.
He threw the ball at the ceiling
caught it
said, "bullshit."
He threw it again.
The other boy sat there
on his belly
chin on his hands and elbows on the floor
said, "maybe it's not."
"don't play with me like that."
He kicked his legs
the bend in his knees making his lower leg and upper thigh a right angle
chewed his nail
and said, "what makes you think I am?"
The other boy threw the ball.
He caught it.
"i'm not like that."
Caught the ball.
His legs kicked
he spoke with nonchalance
like a devil
or a particularly cool friend
He lay with his arm behind his head
one hand catching catching catching the ball
"your kettle's lookin' a little black there, D.L."
He went to the bed
and the two boys sat together
one looking down at the other
one throwing throwing throwing the ball into the air
and catching it as it came down
or wanting to be
leaned down.
"you dork."
the ball fell, and he had no intention of getting it again.
:iconagoddessfinch:AGoddessFinch 49 29
Let's Hate
       Age 11
                  We met in a room full of crowded people
              who knew my name
                       they knew my face
                   and they knew things I didn't
                      Most people there knew his parents
                  and that was about it; the knowledg
:iconagoddessfinch:AGoddessFinch 275 125
A smile on your face
But it taste fake.
Disease in your eyes,
I see them when you reach those black highs
Where you do nothing but die,
All I can do is watch you silently cry.
I know I can't fix you,
but I send my love,
On a piece of parchment paper,
upon the foot of my white dove.
We all know you are rich,
But inside you feel nothing but sick.
You need a complicated lover,
who can seize your ailment.
Inside your lyrics,
I find my heart
and inside your melodies
I feel you just fall apart.
Just keep writing,
And keep bringing those tunes,
Happiness is in the mail,
they'll even send it to you.
:icondontsleep403:dontsleep403 18 28
and i'll be the painter.
your skin is feather
white, and i imagine
littering your face
with half-moon marks;
i imagine
the noises you'd make,
like a chalkboard,
and i'm going to be the nails.
your screams
will be thunder,
a train screeching to a
i imagine
your eyes
are full of our dreams,
and i'll bring the nightmares
to the surface;
your skin is feather-white,
darling. you are a canvas waiting
to be drenched
in blood.
:iconamertie:Amertie 268 248
today is the day you remember how to breathe.
there is an ocean of thoughts, nightmares, and gray days; cross it and find yourself on sandy shores and midnight blue skies;
count the stars and breathe in dreams of sunshine. wake up late with the dreams still lingering in your heart, dreams like promises and dragonfly kisses,
candlelight that won’t fade.
play on imagination like a piano, words flowing like soft melodies, painting pictures of meadows under soft skies and the smiles of kids on playgrounds; hop-scotch and held hands and snowball fights.
breathe in moonlight for a change; dance with your heart wide open and unafraid. pretend fireflies are stars, and find constellations in them,
fall asleep with a song in your heart waiting to be heard. light happiness like a match and let it keep you warm, like a blanket, and let hope be the pillow you rest your head on.
realize life has no patterns, no lines. make your own pattern, your own kaleidoscope of rainbow thoughts and hopes. p
:iconamertie:Amertie 381 237
tetanus shot of the rainbow.
i saw you in one of the slides of my viewfinder toy today.
you were the red sweater that i spent 7 months knitting,
the tomorrow that refused to come because
its seams were sewn shut,
but i spent yesterday seeing your reflection in the sun.
i burnt my eyes out, but none of it mattered because
i didn't need eyes to listen
to the canaries singing inside my ribs. they sang
'he loves, he loves you not, he loves you, he's
you're gone. you're no longer in front of me;
you're inside my veins, playing bumper cars
with my arteries. i felt the collision when
i was eating plates off of a styrofoam cookie,
hiding under a tortoise's shell. you are
the greens in the parachute that closes and
opens, you are the closed restaurant with the
terrible food, you are the closed oyster boy.
i cracked open your shell but there was never a pearl;
only a mess of worms eating away whatever was left of your heart.
i made chalk from your powdered bones and wrote
'i thought you were white, like bright lights
:iconamertie:Amertie 209 162
compulsive liar.
once i asked you your favourite
colour, and you said, "the brown
of your eyes," so i put in one green
contact and told everyone that i
came out of the womb as a factory
defect, half-priced, damaged goods.
sometimes i am from canada and
sometimes i am from england and
sometimes i am from spain.
i've carefully tempered my accents
and plotted out my stories with
yellow and purple coloured pencils
on index cards. my origin changes
like the seasons.
"why do you lie to everyone?" you
"why not?" i reply.
i wear nametags that read "alicia"
and "liana" and "samantha," because
i want to know how it feels to be
someone else for a day.
you make me a nametag with my
real name on it, and i just laugh.
(later i slip it beneath my mattress
and spend the night staring at the ceiling.
see, i've tried myself on one too many
times, and the fit is never right.)
you call me your little compulsive
liar, and i guess that is supposed
to be somewhat affectionate.
or something.
i spin before the mir
:iconestallidos:estallidos 3,037 597


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United States
Honey is for bees, silly bear. Besides, there's jellybeans everywhere.

Personal Quote: I'm a writer, I don't have to make sense.
I've been a good girl this year, I promise.
And I've been eying this camera for years now.
Maybe this year will be my year.

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